5 Things To Ruin Your Oktoberfest Joy

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The Munich festival is the largest festive celebration of the world. A festival so huge, not everything can be as hyped?

Certainly not! Especially, when you want to attend the celebration un-aware-you are already in half chaos. I am sharing my experience of Oktoberfest. Undoubtedly it is a brilliant Bavarian celebration, and just as the history explains, this festival is for happy people and to unite happiness. You will find tremendous reasons to be festive.

However, a few things can just ruin your mood-only if you are not prepared! So, let’s give you heads-up. I and my husband travelled to Munich, Germany in 2015 to be a part of this world famous celebration. That happened right after our long expected vacation on Koh Samui, in gorgeous villa in the middle of exotic Thai’s nature. Yes we were not prepared. We stayed at a military resort, we were provided a shuttle service for to and from Oktoberfest grounds.

We headed to Theresienweise which seemed pretty festive. The rest is for you to read and know:

The Opening Weekend:

Oktoberfest lasts a total of 16 to 18 days, starting from September and ends in October. The festival takes its start with a parade featuring marching bands from various Bavarian villages. We took a part in the parade but not our liking at all-the temperature for us was miserable so we had to walk out after an emotional participation of two hours.

If you are heading to Munich from somewhere colder, do not participate in the parade, you will lose your energetic mode! And to add to your knowledge; Oktoberfest celebration demands you be in a traditional Oktoberfest outfit.

Outside Drinks are No Chance:

Beer is from what the festival starts with, and beer is the major focus throughout. If you are inside a tent, remember to drink your beer, and if you don’t drink beer then don’t be in the tent. You will not be allowed to take drinks inside. The tents are well guarded by guards to ensure nothing goes against rules. I had to leave hands of my husband and stay outside, until he returned.

The Crown is Humongous:

The humanity crushes inside or outside is equally squashy. You will have to turn on your luck to find a seat inside. If you try switching places, you will lose your spot. My husband had to reach out for every tent in search of a place and took five hours before he could have beer. You have to be early, you have to be full of energy-otherwise you’ll be left energy drained.


Beer tents are the only places for washrooms, or at least this is what I know. Plan ahead of everything, try inquiring about Oktoberfest details, ask someone or study the reviews to know where you’ll be heading.

The Vastness:

Oktoberfest is massive! As I could see, majority of the people inside Munich grounds were from places other than Germany. People from all around the world travel here, dressed in traditional lederhosen trachtens and dirndl’s to enjoy the Bavarian spirit of celebration.

The festival literally is huge and if you like meeting different people, you will love this gathering. However, if you want Germans only then head to places where smaller Oktoberfest celebrations take place. After attending the festival for a day or two, you might want to consider sightseeing or trying traditional German food. You cannot last a trip of five days in the festival drinking just beer!