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Men Oktoberfest Outfits


Excited for Oktoberfest? Who is not! King of events, which is attended by more than 6 million people around the globe, is coming again and you cannot afford to miss it. At the opening ceremony ofthe impressive Bavarian Oktoberfest you will see men with Haferl shoes, Gamsbart hats, Tracht brogues and additional accessories dancing and singing. What is more exciting than becoming the part of this magnificent event! What should I wear? How will I look like? What is Authentic German Oktoberfest dressing and from where I can get one? We know that such questions are hitting you with the speed of muscle cars! The good thing is that if you are reading this you are at the right place on right time!

Welcome to the Men section of Oktoberfest Outfits where you will find everything which will make you Contemplative Oktoberfest man. Our exciting range of traditional Oktoberfest outfits for men includes authentic German lederhosen, classic lederhosen shorts, checkered shirts in dark and light colors, white and colored socks, Haferlschuh shoes and traditional Alpine hats.

Oktoberfest Fact:

“DO you know that in 2011 6.9 million people attended Oktoberfest, they consumed 7.5 million liters of beer and 522,821 roast chicken”

As per tradition you will wear our authentic German lederhosen with checkered shirts. The German Lederhosen is part of traditional Bavarian men’s clothing. These were designed for physical hard work as they were more durable and easily washable. But now a day’s authentic traditional German lederhosen and dirndl attire is limited to Oktoberfest and they are mostly worn as leisurewear.

Different colors of authentic lederhosen with stunning embroidery are available in our men collection. You can go all simple as well.

Tips for Oktoberfest Men Dressing

Wear a white or light checkered shirt: The shirt should be light as it goes well with dark lederhosen but the shirt should be a button-down anyway.

Color of lederhosen: More it is traditional more is good, you will find authentic lederhosen in different color in our men collection.

Suspenders: Authentic German lederhosen come with suspenders but you can also buy them separately if that’s the case then you should buy the ones that match the color of your breeches.

Socks: Color of socks can be gray, white and hunter green and they should reach up to the knee but some people prefer to push down knee-length socks. It is totally up to you what style you want to adopt that matches your authentic Oktoberfest styling sense.

Traditional Footwear: It is important that you wear the traditional lederhosen shoes but if you cannot afford then go for black or dark brown loafers. Don’t forget to look at our authentic German lederhosen shoes

Alpine hat: This is optional accessory it is not necessary to wear it.