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Men German Bundhosen


Some clothes are worn to celebrate rich traditions, authentic German lederhosen is one of them. Many people are planning to go for Oktoberfest and they are very much familiar with all kinds of Oktoberfest costumes but when it comes to bundhosen they have no idea what on earth this thing is. It is true that when you search for bundhosen online you will get little or no information regarding authentic German bundhosen. Many articles say that lederhosen is also called bundhosen. According to few, bundhosen is other name for lederhosen. If you are one that thinks both things are same then we are afraid that you are wrong.

Rule is simple. Short and above the knee are authentic German lederhosen and to the knee or longer than knee are authentic German bundhosen. This is the basic, easy to understand difference between bundhosen and lederhosen now let us talk like a fashion enthusiast.

Authentic and traditional lederhosen can be plain and artistically embroidered with simple designs; they are usually dark in color with brighter color embroidery. They sometimes have suspenders. On the other hand authentic German bundhosen have strings at the knee level to emphasize the breeches effect.

For teenage and boys lederhosen is the right choice as they are very comfortable and easily washable. They can have non embroidered light color lederhosen. As for bundhosen, they are for the people who can handle their Oktoberfest costumes very well as the strings at the knee level may cause some problem for the one who are not use to it.

In the end it’s absolutely your choice what to wear on Oktoberfest all we can say is that at Oktoberfest Outfits only Authentic German Oktoberfest costumes are available and please don’t forget to take lots of pictures at the Oktoberfest.