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Traditional German Lederhosen is the symbol of Oktoberfest. This traditional Bavarian clothing is an integral part of Oktoberfest. This authentic German attire is very common at Oktoberfest Events. Formerly this traditional Oktoberfest dress was worn by men for hard physical work as it is durable then common fabric. But now days, this is worn as leisurewear.

It is surprising for Authentic German Lederhosen lovers that the popularity of this dress dropped sharply in the 19th Century and people started considering this dress uncultured peasants clothing. To save the rich traditional German Lederhosen, several clubs were made to present and preserve this authentic Bavarian costume. An upstart called Joseph Vogel led a revival in 1883, when he and his friends gathered to protest a decline of Bavarian values. One of the most memorable lederhosen advocates in the 1900s was Bavarian writer Okskar Maria Graf who fled to New York during the Third Reich days. Graf wore his lederhosen around Manhattan until his death in 1967.

Leder translates to ‘Leather’ and Hosen translates to ‘pants’. So, you have Leather Pants. Traditionally, this German costume is worn with high socks which sometimes make it up to the knees, or sometimes you will see small “legwarmer” like bands around the calves of burly men. Usually there is a checkered shirt to also go with the Lederhosen. You can also chose a plain shirt, but the checkered ones are more popular with the younger generation in full Oktoberfest costumes, the Lederhosen also have suspenders, but not always.

While searching for authentic German Lederhosen people get easily confused as very few know that lederhosen costumes are different for boys and men. Being an Oktoberfest guy you must know these little differences.

Usually, Authentic German lederhosen for boys have a simpler cut, and little to no embroidery. Men’s are more heavily ornamented, and the straps of the suspenders may also have embroidery. At some point this traditional German Lederhosen is not safe from innovations. Some modern Costumes use things like zippers and hook and loop fasteners, rather than more traditional fastenings. Different regions have different traditional decorations you may also find some variations.

Traditional German Lederhosen when well cared-for, can last a lifetime. Stains from the event can easily be cleaned with soaps especially designed for lather, combined with a damp, soft sponge. Care should be taken around the embroidery, to ensure that it is not stained with leather soaps or moisturizers.

When searching for Authentic Bavarian costumes you will find a huge range of other clothing as well and there is a good chance that you end up buying stuff that is not related to Oktoberfest. To make you the right Oktoberfest guy we are offering Authentic Oktoberfest costume. We are one of the few online lederhosen shop from where you can get every Oktoberfest accessory.

At our Lederhosen online store you will find authentic German lederhosen in different colors and styles. You may want to keep it simple we have lederhosen will little or no embroidery. If you want to give your dressing a traditional touch, we have carefully crafted embroider German lederhosen in different colors. Traditionally people used different color lederhosen to show their regions.Now day’s people select Lederhosen which match other accessories, especially shirt.

Most people while buying German Lederhosen ignore suspenders but few know that full Oktoberfest costume included suspenders. You can also buy them separately but if that’s the case they should match your lederhosen. If you go through our huge collection of authentic German clothing you will see many embroider suspenders for Oktoberfest.

Many people prefer the original lather color (black or brown) when it comes to Lederhosen but other colors are also getting popular with youngster.Traditionally, dark color lederhosen goes with plain or light color checkered Bavarian shirts.