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Men Traditional German Trachten Shirts


Trachten shirts are a truly modern take on traditional Oktoberfest costumes. These easy to care shirts go well with traditional Oktoberfest look and they look good with regular jeans as well. Trachten shirts are available in different styles such as round neck cuts and buttons up the neck. You can select according to your comfort of wear. Easily washable and rustic design makes the shirts perfect choice for wardrobe.

At Oktoberfest outfits you get fantastic range of trendy and traditional German accessories to complete the Oktoberfest image. Decorated with rustic styles these trachten shirts are integral part of authentic Oktoberfest dressing. There are usually three categories of these shirts simple, embroidered and detail.

Simple trachten shirt consists of chest pocket and long sleeves with little embroidery at the front. They look really good with any kind of trousers. Second category trachten shirts have heavy embroidery at the front. The last one is mixture of the former two. Detailed one is the one that goes perfectly with Traditional Oktoberfest outfits.

Traditionally, authentic German lederhosen lovers go for checkered shirts as they reflect the true theme and tradition of Oktoberfest. Small or large checkered patterns give it the true festival spark. You should try these shirts with dark color authentic German lederhosen. These shirts come in three shades, red, blue and green but other colors are also available. You can select according to the color of your traditional German lederhosen.

Traditional trachten shirts for men are usually worn at occasions like the Oktoberfest but they also look good in everyday life. Some people are not reluctant to wear them to business meetings. Men of all ages look great in traditional trachten shirts and authentic German lederhosen. If you are planning to go Munich for enjoying Oktoberfest keep your trendy jeans and T shirts at home!