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Women Oktoberfest Outfits


Get ready to travel to Germany and celebrate Oktoberfest with these amazing traditional Bavarian costumes! You have the right to embellish your charm with our largest selection of Oktoberfest so Bavarian Costumes.

Oktoberfest outfit is all about taking the traditional Bavarian look to the next level. You can enchant your charm by putting on a costume from Oktoberfest outfit’s huge collection. Dress up into Beer Maiden, Beer Garden, Gretel costume, Oktoberfest Fraulein costume, the Bavarian women, or a mix of the classy and traditional look-you have choice you cannot count.

Dressing traditionally on Oktoberfest brings out the Bavarian spirit-the traditional Bavarian outfit that was a common facet of everyday life has now grown into something much, much more. The trendy and charming line of colors, styles, and cuts from Oktoberfest outfit interprets the classic country look. Yet, the fashionable add-ons and delightful style details we offer is sure to bring the ramp out.

Our feminine costume dresses for Oktoberfest celebration are great value for money because they are characterized by excellent workmanship and material. You can be the prettiest bar maid the German costume party or you can dress up into the romantic traditional dress with a rustic touch, or add some glamour to the traditional look with a mix and match from Oktoberfest Outfits wardrobe for YOU!

Let yourself get inspired with Oktoberfest Outfit’s complete women costume collection-but first here is an overview of Bavarian costume and ideas of the most essential elements for a woman’s Oktoberfest trachten.

The Outfit Consists of- A woman’s dress stable for the festival or otherwise includes a tight fitted Bavarian Dirndl dress that has an apron tied around it. The dirndl blouses mainly add the romantic appeal to the rest of the Bavarian outfit: they are white mostly and the cut is where the mark is made by you. You can choose on how deep the cut of blouse can be!

Dirndl Bows: The apron that is tied around the dirndl has a bow at the front. The dirndl makes the entire flirtiest move in the traditional German dress. You can choose to wear your dirndl the way you want to express your commitment or for being single; if you’re single, the bow is tied to the left side, to the right side if you are taken, and in the middle if you want to be

Dress Length: As per the traditional German look, dirndl length authentically goes below the knees. The dress is now and ever since its creation is worn in routine apart from the celebration as well. The length in all cases is accepted in all sizes, the Bavarian’s however do get spotted for wearing it below the knees.

Shoes: The traditional look of shoes to be worn on Oktoberfest Celebration is either flats or May Jane styled. In either case the shoes have to be closed-toe as the Bavarian spirit is hyped with beer in tents. The local Mary Jane styled shoes is made of comfortable rubber but also has a cleat heel to make the noise while dancing.

Female lederhosen: The woman Lederhosen have become trendier, ever since the international visitors have become Bavarian. The high-cut suede shorts give a sexy look because of the suspenders, you can show it off if you have the legs to pull it off.