All kinds of German Drindl Underwear availabe for Oktoberfest
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Dirndl Underwear


For the Bavarian Oktoberfest festival the German outfit of women does not just end on a dirndl, or with the trendy blouse and skirt-it has more to it: the dirndl underwear consists of an underskirt, underpants, and a bra. The traditional look has taken a mix according to the latest trends and fashion, yet the innerwear is still very traditional.

The fitting of a dirndl requires very specific innerwear to bring out the Bavarian look. If you pair a dirndl or even the dirndl blouse with any other innerwear, you will not achieve the same results. So, if you want to hit the festive celebration of Oktoberfest and you want to look as good as any women on the ground, then put on the traditional dirndl but wear our dirndl underwear to avoid embarrassment.

Why do you Need the Dirndl Underwear?

You need an insight of the traditional German costume to understand the logics. The specific dirndl underwear is a requirement of today’s dirndl dress as the ones worn in old days did not need slip or knickers: the clothes in those days were ankle length and were worn on many layers of underskirts. Today, the dirndl dress has become short and changes in routine dress up have also made it impossible for women to wear all those add-ons.

Our online store fulfills all the requirements of an Oktoberfest celebration; we have the suitable dirndl underskirts, dirndl petticoat, and the right bloomers and bras as well. Your dirndl cannot look layered and voluminous without the underskirt or petticoat, and it does not complete the impressive look without the specific bra and dirndl bloomers.

Mini dirndls are trendier and these lighter, shorter, and adventurous mini dirndls need something more than an underskirt to keep the eyes straying off. And the last piece of dirndl underwear is the dirndl bra, without which you can never have the full and inviting bust. The dirndl bra straps have pretty details on them which become prominent and appealing when shown from a dirndl blouse. Whether for Oktoberfest or any occasion, visit our online store for traditional and trendy Oktoberfest outfits.