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Traditional Bavarian Dirndl


For a traditional Bavarian look- the traditional Bavarian dirndl is a must have! Wear it long and traditional or short and sexy, you will cut in the perfect catwalk figure to allure the Oktoberfest crowd. We provide huge variety of Alpine and Bavarian region inspired classy yet traditional authentic German Dirndl. The blend of finest German workmanship and excellent material enables us to bring the charming Bavarian look out from you!

To interpret the Oktoberfest look with a touch of trendy colors, styles, and details-get yourself into our fashionable dirndl in short or long style. You have a tremendous variety to choose from and flaunt your cuts and glamour. Try our trend setting latest dirndl delights and matching accessories even on discounts!

Get Into the Style because it’s No More Just a Tradition!

The Bavarian look was once a tradition-tradition of the Oktoberfest festive. Now you wear the dirndl because it gives you the appeal that can get leave 10 men tracking behind you. We keep the tradition and trend our focus, and quality as our statement. We design the traditional Bavarian Dirndl according to the latest colors and trends.

The traditional dirndl is now seen flaunting figures in U.S. and in countries where Bavarian fests are party slogans. Our collection of dirndl is vast which means you can change your wardrobe with our exquisite range and even then will have something new to try. Get a traditional German tracht for yourself today and see yourself coming back for more!

To have a Dirndl, You Should Know the Dirndl!

The History-It is believed that to feel the Bavarian Oktoberfest spirit you need to get into the Bavarian look. And unless you don’t know what it is, you will not feel it! This tradition Bavarian outfit was commonly worn by the German women’s in routine life and on occasions as well. To keep this alive, the locals came along with Alpine culture and in 1835, the first Riflemen and Costume Parade was held in Oktoberfest Celebration.

The Dirndl Description- Tradition Dirndl outfit of women is a much fitted tailored dress that has a traditional gingham apron wrapped around the waist. The versatility of the dirndl and its appeal lies complete hidden in the Dirndl blouses. The dirndl blouse is mostly white in color, characterized with a deep neckline. The sleeves have a variation and so does the bodice, the two factors transform the traditional look into a classy and sassy appearance.

You can go out traditionally in a long-cut dirndl with a country look or get into the fashionable short-cut dirndl. The dirndl you choose to wear has matching accessories to complete the statement, the traditional dirndl is generally worn with pumps and the trendy short-cut dirndl goes well with western style boots or the May Jane style heels. Every dirndl has its own style description and the style portrays an image. You can pull on the long stockings and pair it with a short-cut dirndl to be the charming beer maiden! It has so much variation that it becomes your style, your pick, and your statement!

Get Your Tend Setting Traditional Dirndl From Our Online Shop Now!

We take the feminism of traditional German style and embellish it with the latest influences of trends to form our fashionable traditional dirndl-with a twist. The quality of our material is our key and the excellent tailoring of German workmanship leaves your figure flaunting. Our optimal fit dirndls are tailored to each silhouette with elegance and style. With us, you even have a pick of your color; you can contrast things or wear it how have designed it and you will still rock.

Browse our online shopping store for the best traditional Oktoberfest outfit and also take advantage of the Lederhosen sale. You will not only enjoy a huge variety of sizes and colors but will also have exquisite designs. The material we use for our traditional German dirndl is usually authentic cotton; however at our trachten dirndl shop you can have aprons in silk. To keep your German dirndl dress lasting long, remember to follow the cleaning instructions and avoid machine usage.

Visit us online for putting yourself into a complete German Outfit by pairing it up with the matching or self-picked accessories. You can be a part of the Oktoberfest Celebration only if you have the spirit that is demanded for a Bavarians. If you do, then jump into our Oktoberfest dirndl and make it a life time celebration.