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Women Lederhosen


The leather trouser in German is termed as “Lederhosen”. This traditional German costume is known to be a show case of Bavarian traditional outfit. The dirndl and Lederhosen are recognized around the world for bring the best describing element of German tradition. Lederhosen were majorly worn by German men, but now they have become a part of the German women costume. The great Munich Oktoberfest if seen covered with more women in the pretty lederhosen.

Lederhosen over Dindl:

The past had women dressed into dirndl and hitting the Oktoberfest celebration. It was traditional, classical and more feminish with more cuts and crafts. That was about past, now the Bavarian tracht Lederhosen is made more ravishing and sexier. It is designed into a perfect Oktoberfest attire making men fall in love with the women wearing the Lederhosen.

For us this is no surprise as we take advantage of this appeal in Lederhosen and double the draw with our custom tailored, figure-hugging tight cuts, and beautiful colors. We ensure that your cuts get enhanced when you pull over our custom Lederhosen with a tracht shirt to hit the Bavarian Festival. The women lederhosen generally appear to be identical with the men lederhosen-but we keep the difference of both genders our top priority and make the important adjustments to fit your figure.

Lederhosen are Traditionally Trendy- Take a look at our Lederhosen available online. You can see how beautiful the cuts have been adapted to fit the female figure. We keep it very German because it is a trade mark of German costume; the flap at the front is given a specific importance and has been kept attached. The women wear Lederhosen in a manner that is known to be playful, and they do not seek permission for appropriating men’s traditional German outfit. They know the men adore the playful touch to anything they wear.

Our Lederhosen is Feminine and a Perfect Choice- Our custom made Lederhosen is not only feminine because of the cuts but the colors we chose make it a perfect choice. Our best German tailors fix every thread and piece together to make the perfect Lederhosen Oktoberfest outfit for women. We choose the best colors matching not just the Bavarian nature towards life but also the celebration and trends in mind. Our online tracht lederhosen are available in black, brown, and the buffalo leather vintage.

There could be no better way of demonstrating a women’s beauty then our beautifully cut and made lederhosen with contrasting traditional German embroidery. Stay up to date and trendy with our season picked colors in Lederhosen. You wouldn’t be fun and Bavarian, if you do not put yourself into the Lederhosen we offer. It’s classically modern, it’s style, and it’s sexier then you think.

The Perfect Combination with Lederhosen:

You can pair up your Lederhosen with any of our tracht shirts or dirndl blouses and you will be ravishing on the whole. Lederhosen can go with anything you want because it’s not the top that makes the difference here-it is the Lederhosen you have as a bottom. You can make a combination of our form fitting tracht blouse or you can even combine it with a simple t-shirt as well.

Then you have a tremendous choice of supporting the Bavarian traditional look with high heels or boots you like. The best match for your outfit includes our Bavarian shoes; they are available in black and dark brown color. Try our brilliant range of exclusive lederhosen women’s wear on our online store and pick the Bavarian look you want to have!