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Women Tracht German Shirts


The blouse and shirts we provide not only have beauty, but are also very tradition matching the Oktoberfest celebration. The celebration has now and been modernized and demands matching the trends, yet the traditional look as the base is still the craving of international visitors and Bavarian’s. The shirts and blouses we have in our online store are both traditional and traditionally modern. The traditional blouses with classical designs and cuts have the significance of being worn on everyday routine.

The Charm of the Dirndl- The reason why every woman at Oktoberfest looks absolutely perfect and stunningly appealing is because of the blouse that marks the neckline! The dirndl blouse is characterized with a deep neckline and is mostly available in white color. The dirndl blouse and tracht shirt in a woman’s German outfit emphasizes on feminism and stands for sexy look thus radiating happiness.

The history says that the symbolism of joy and happiness and German clothing dates back to the parades when everybody was happy on celebrations. The breathtaking feminism of these traditionally dressed ladies is what reflects in our blouses and shirts! The variant you pick is a matter of your choice, either case, blouse or tracht shirt will be two things: sexy and fashionable.

We make it perfectly German!

The shirts and blouses we provide on our online store borrow heavily from the rich German traditions and consume the Bavarian spirit. You will find yourself looking at some element that will characterize German costume. The low-cut white dirndl blouses and the red, blue, and purple checkered shirts complete your traditional costume look.

The shirts and blouses we make available on our online store perfectly covers the gap of traditional and modern characteristics. If you wear what we produce, you complete the traditional German costume statement, and you also add a modern class to your routine jeans and skirts. Order your tracht shirt or dirndl blouse with us and flaunt your beauty in our perfect fit tailoring!