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Tracht Sweater


Tradition Bavarian outfits are not only part of the Oktoberfest festival but are worn in everyday routine and on special occasions as well. The “trachten mode” in German and popularly known as traditional costume of Germans is now known and worn all over the world. Though famous for lederhosen and dirndl but knitwear are also plays an important role.

The knitwear is richly patterned and decorated with embroidery for even a prettier charm. Our Women’s tracht sweaters are available in the richest patterns, pretty buckles and buttons, and in the colors in trend. They are manufactured very skillfully and traditionally, keeping the Bavarian appeal alive with a mix and fusion of modern spark. You can dazzle the festival with your charm or you can carry your sophistication smoothly, your choice and our collection-has it all!

The Bavarian style is now a Routine and Demand of Occasions

The German traditions have become style statements and are equally popular. The same popularity is what we see for our skillfully crafted high quality sheep’s wool women tracht sweaters-softer on touch, smoother in look, and fashionably brilliant when worn. If you want to look brilliant in the German Outfit, check out our wide range of Oktoberfest outfits that showcases a great variety in knitwear for women.

The Munich festival is not the only place to look pretty in a flattering dirndl with a pretty sweater on top, as celebrated globally and as now preferred for routine, you can dazzle your looks anywhere. The women tracht sweaters come with beautiful buttons and buckles along with pretty embroideries that add a statement with warmth. Discover the variety of knitted German tracht sweaters for women with us.