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Tracht T-Shirts


We make the impossible possible by using the traditions and evolving them into modernism. This is why we make the largest tent of the traditional German Oktoberfest outfit. From the very Bavarian dirndl dress to the trendy and custom tailored figure-hugging lederhosen for women and traditional German lederhosen for men with shoes, socks, and accessories as well.

And we now bring to you the traditional yet modern and fashionable women tracht t-shirts. So get ready to be a part of the very happening and thrilling Oktoberfest festival with Bavarian spirit right on you. Just as the celebration demands, every woman attending the Munich festival has to look rocking and beautiful, so do you have the right to embellish your charm with our new and modern Bavarian costumes.

Its style and no More Just a Tradition!

We believe in taking the traditional Bavarian look to the next level. We have created these new tracht T-shirts which you can pair it up with a lederhosen or a dirndl skirt and flaunt your curves in routine. Putting on the traditional Oktoberfest outfit on the festival brings the Bavarian spirit out and radiates happiness but now, the traditional German outfit has grown into something bigger.

The German tradition has become a style now. You will find charming and trendy colors, cuts, and styles in our Oktoberfest outfit collection for women. You will have the classic country look with the most fashionable add-ons as well as delightful embroidery and style details that will surely make you ramp ready. Our tracht T-shirts are very feminine and a great value for money for Oktoberfest celebration.

Let yourself get inspired with our Oktoberfest feminine costume dresses as they are characterized by excellent material and workmanship. You can be the prettiest bar maid or you can give a rustic touch to your traditional romantic look, or add glamour to your routine-choose your variants here! We have it all covered.